Living Amenities in a Renal Condominium Unit

New motorsport center of porsche

Living Amenities in a Renal Condominium Unit

The Porsche Motorsport Center Weissach

Porsche has a new motorsport center in Weissach, Germany. The center took a year to construct, and was completed in the autumn of 2007. It occupies over 107,000 square feet in 4 connected buildings that houses workshops, racing car production, a truck terminal, a logistics center, and the motorsport administrative offices.
The motorsport complex’s useable floor space is 10,550 square meters, which is double the size of the old Motorsports facility, and will mostly support Porsche’s factory and privateer race efforts. The Center will also supply spare parts for the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS street cars. The corners of the access road are typically cambered curbs like those found on race tracks, and stacks of tires and brand advertising create a real motorsport atmosphere to the center.
The Motorsports Department is particularly proud of their race car factory. The racing vehicles are built by experienced specialists, totally by hand and totally in the classic style of manufacturing.
The necessary components are just stored nearby, in the process optimized logistics warehouse. In this logistics warehouse, customers can get everything they need for their race cars. More than 35,000 different parts are stored here, from dust covers to gearboxes. The terminal, where seven race trucks are parked, and the offices for the Research & Development Department as well as administration are close to each other.
The composite workshop, the pre-assembly area, the hydraulics room and other special facilities are directly connected. The first floor is home to the engine and transmission departments which have their own area for standard measurements and testing.
Profile of the Motorsport Center:
The Logistics Center has a stocking catalogue with other 35,000 part numbers, totaling 4.5 million parts.
The small parts storage shelving has over 5,500 compartments and the chassis storage has space for 32 bodyshells of the 911 model.
The specialists in the chassis workshop conduct 500 operational test measurements each year.
Annually, around 800 new or overhauled race engines and gearboxes leave the power train workshop.
In the race car factory during the production phase prior to the start of the season a 911 GT3 RSR or 911 GT3 R race care is built everyday.
Since its completion in 2007, this ultra-modern complex has sent out a strong message: Porsche is serious in its racing efforts. Flexibility and efficient processes are the highest priority for the designers of the Motorsport Center, and this has contributed to the rapid development of Porsche Motorsport.

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